Her world was opened to a wide array of fascinating ethnic cuisines, especially Korean, Greek, and Chinese. Her family would often provide feedback on her culinary experiments, their expectations growing with Dzung's skill. 

Dzung has worked in the Fashion, Food, and Lifestyle industries, most recently at Sunset Magazine, the West's leading lifestyle publication. She currently resides with her husband and puppy in the San Francisco Bay Area.



is a Food and Lifestyle channel hosted and curated by Dzung Duong. Conceived in 2009 after visiting a local food festival it has now become an influential online Lifestyle resource.

Dzung was first introduced to serious cooking by her Vietnamese grandmother at 8 years old. Her grandmother, who immigrated from Vietnam in the late 1980's, was renowned in her circles for her unmatched culinary skill. With her guidance, Dzung learned to prepare many Vietnamese and French inspired dishes like Duck L'Orange, Ga (Chicken) Roti, Farcies, and Braised Beef Tongue. In addition to cooking together they studied the methods of TV chefs Yan Can Cook and Jacque Pepin every Saturday morning. 

By age 11, Dzung was independently preparing complex dishes like Beef Roulade and Boeuf Bourguignon. While enjoying these increasingly difficult challenges, she discovered that her greatest joy was in delighting her friends and family. Her high school years were spent continuously researching recipes and inspiration at the library and online.

Fun Fact: Dzung has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do!




Watchable, creative, and delicious recipes that simplify challenging dishes, provide ideas for meals, and offer quick tips to make everyday cooking simple and accessible. 


Preparing coffee shop favorites (and some original inventions) with a healthier spin to be enjoyed at home.


Practical and organic beauty/skincare recipes using nutrient-rich food to transform oneself outside-in. A holistic approach to beauty routines, product ingredients, and self image.


Sharing my passion for clothes, shoes, and accessories during the different Seasons. A lot goes into each video :)



My mission is to inspire young women across the globe to use food and lifestyle choices to develop creativity, self confidence, and community in everyday life.”


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Honeysuckle is a Video-centric Food and Lifestyle channel dedicated to simplifying gourmet recipes, lifestyle design, and product demonstration. Since 2009 it has grown into a YouTube destination via unique original content, high production value, and strategic brand partnerships. 

  • 20.5+ Million Lifetime YouTube Views

  • 340,000+ YouTube Subscribers

  • 80% Female ages 16-34

  • 139,000+ Facebook Fans

  • 41,000+ Instagram Followers

  • 545,000+ Total Social Reach

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