Sugar-free Onion Tart

A savory onion tart is not a menu item that you might think of when planning a bridal or baby shower. But trust me, it is delicious! The smell of the caramelized roasted onions perfuming the entire house, in what I can only imagine what a French cafe would smell like all the time, is intoxicating. An elegant savory tart, served with a side of salad and fruits is perfect for a light brunch/meal and then to celebrate with your friends.

I partnered with Truvia and Kin Community right before the holidays to bring this special episode to you. Don't forget to check out my other youtube friend's videos in the playlist! These videos couldn't have come at a better time, especially after all the bad eating during the holidays. With the new year here, I'm trying to get back on a healthy diet and workout regimen, but sometimes fall off the wagon due to life events and all the yummy food they offer. Swapping processed sugar out for an all natural sweeter such as Truvia is pretty easy. I like that it doesn't leave that funny after taste like other sweeteners do. It has it's own taste, but it sweet and simple changes like this will help me to save calories and stay on track.  You can get a free sample to try here: 

And for all of your hard work to stick to the new year's resolution, there could be a little reward at the end! Truvia®natural sweetener is launching The Stay TRU to You Sweepstakes, which aims to give fans a chance to enter to win one of three rewards for sticking to their New Year's resolutions. From Jan. 9, 2014 to Jan. 31, 2014 fans will have the opportunity to take the Stay TRU to You pledge, and just for doing so, each entrant will receive a Truvia® coupon in addition to having a chance at winning one of these three rewards: Riches (AMEX card), Well-Being ($500 towards Personal Trainer) and Pampering (SpaFinder Gift Card).

What are your resolutions and how are you planning on staying with it?  

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