Chicken en Papillote with Roasted Grapes and Shallots

This recipe pushed my boundaries in 2 ways. Firstly - I've known about the papillote method from watching chef Jacque Pepin on PBS when I was a kid, but I've never actually attempted it before. What a world of difference steaming the chicken in an "envelope" makes. It was so flavorful! Secondly - I was a bit hesitant but also completely intrigued about roasted grapes. Was it going to turn into raisins? Of course I understood that it wasn't cooking or dehydrating in the oven too long, but again it was a first for me. And what a difference that made too! I am so happy that I picked an unusual package from to try because not only did they provide all the ingredients to make life simple, they also forced me to try something new! Win win for all. or just me. and you!

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video below: 

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