I LOVE Jajangmyeon. Nothing is quite as satisfying in savory flavor and noodle texture than this Black Bean Korean/Chinese "Poor Man's" staple (I even love the unhealthy packaged Nongshim Chapagetti but am staying away from those processed things). I recently made this dish LIVE with you on nom.com (click to watch) and I learned how many of you also have a special place in your stomachs for Jajangmyeon. Since marrying into a part-Korean family I've been treated to more delightful (and spicy) foods, all of which I've adopted and recreated several times. I may create a YouTube video on this dish but for now here is the recipe card (below) and my live cooking show recording.

*Click this image to download a print-able recipe in a .pdf format. Or right-click this image + save link as to download

Texture is a big part of this dish. The noodles are "Korean, Knife-cut" and taste best when they still maintain a chewy bite. So don't cook them too long. They will need to be strong enough to transport the yummy sauce, meat and veggies to your mouth!