Grape Picking and Homemade Wine

Yesterday some friends, my husband, Ollie (my pup) and I ventured up to Sonoma County. It was a breathtakingly scenic drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, and up the rolling hills of Wine Country. My Husband and our friend, Aaron, just bottled a natural Petite Sirah (below) that was bursting with Blackberry Currant flavor. This time we picked 200 pounds of Merlot grapes to make another natural wine (using native yeast, minimal processing, no sulfites or additives). This morning Aaron did an old school stomping (with his feet) to start the wine making process. I'm so excited!

Ollie had a blast running in-between the vines. He met another Border Collie from the property next door named Missy. Isn't he growing up fast?

Below are a few photos from last year's Petite Sirah wine (bottled this year). The grape juice fermented in glass carboys for about 9 months. To follow more of my Husband's (Nate) and Aaron's wine-making adventures, follow here.